Pledge Groups

Pledge Groups are for girls aged 8 - 10 and are sponsored by a local Assembly.  Mrs. Kimberly Taranowski is the Director of Pledges for Florida. She can be contacted at

Pledge Group                            Meeting                            Pledge Mother/Email

DeLand Raindrops                      2nd Saturday-10am                  Angel Bohner

All Together Lovely                     1st & 3rd Wednesday-7pm        Rhonda Allen

Hope's Raindrops                       2nd & 4th Sunday-4pm             Stacey Vandewiele

Jax Prisms                                 4th Thursday-7pm                   Crystal Hill

Dora's Angels                            1st & 3rd Monday-7pm              Elizabeth Carlson

Mama T's Ladybugs                    1st & 3rd Monday-6:30pm         Christina Scott

Mom Brill's                                2nd & 4th Sunday-1pm             Michelle Burgchardt

Ft. Pierce Raindrops                   2nd & 4th Sunday-2pm             Cindy Daub