After going through all of this information, we’re sure you have some questions - that’s normal! When we are meeting you, we would like to get to know you, so let’s get the big questions out of the way…

Who are our members?
Members are between the ages of 11 and 20 years old and we welcome everyone, regardless of race, creed, color or national origin. Parents can be assured that the values we promote are positive and uplifting. The lessons encourage members to be strong in spirit and kind in heart, respectful toward nature and giving toward all humanity.

Can my parents be involved?
Of course! We want parents/guardians to be able to enjoy Rainbow along with their daughter(s). Parents and adults can be as involved with their daughter’s Assembly as they would like to be. They can attend both meetings and fun activities. 

Parents, grandparents, and legal guardians of active girls are also welcome and encouraged to attend meetings, activities, and may even join the Advisory Board. Family members may also volunteer for special projects or functions based on their time availability and areas of expertise. Of course, the most important role any parent or family member can play is as a member of the support network the girls can rely on, and who will be a constant source of advice, encouragement, and sometimes even a voice of conscience to motivate the girls to be all that they can be.

How often are the meetings?

There are generally two meetings each month. In addition, Rainbow Girls have the opportunity to visit other Assemblies in their area, participate in city-wide events, and attend statewide meetings and events

Who Can Attend a Rainbow meeting?

Rainbow Girls in good standing, as well as members of the Masonic Lodge, Eastern Star, White Shrine, or Amaranth, Majority members of Rainbow, parents (legal guardians), and grandparents of active Rainbow Girls are eligible to attend meetings.

How much time is spent on Rainbow activities? 

In addition to the regular bi-monthly meetings, local assembly events are planned by the girls during that month, which may include a variety of fun, fundraising, or charity/community service activities.

Who supervises the girls at Rainbow functions? 

Each Rainbow Assembly is supervised by a team of trained and dedicated adult volunteers who oversee the girls and guide them in the proper planning of their business meetings and activities, provide stability, set examples, and help interpret rules. These adults donate much of their time and money to developing our future leaders. The advisors also act as the "record-keepers" and administrators of the paperwork that is required to keep the assembly operating.

All adult volunteers are required to complete a background check form and attend annual training in order to work with the Rainbow Girls.

What will my daughter gain through membership in the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls?

The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls promotes self-esteem and leadership skills among its members. Girls learn valuable public speaking skills, parliamentary procedures, and acceptance of each individual member's strengths and differences.

Members have the opportunity to hold leadership positions on the local level, making them responsible for the planning and executing of the programs and activities for their assembly, and for conducting business meetings. Girls also have the chance to advance to leadership positions on a statewide level.

Other principles of the order include, but are not limited to: patriotism to country, love of home, loyalty to family and friends, teamwork, and service to others.

What kind of leadership skills does a Rainbow Girl learn?

Members who are willing to accept the responsibility may serve as an officer in their assembly. Most Girls work toward becoming the Worthy Advisor. A girl is elected to either a four or six month term of office, during which she guides the Assembly with the help of the Mother Advisor. She presides over meetings, plans service projects, and serves as a mentor to the younger girls in the Assembly.

Is this a secret organization?
In today’s world, parents are apprehensive about any activity that may be considered “secret.” But Rainbow is different. Here are a few facts to keep in mind:

•    Similar to a sorority that brings groups of women together, Rainbow does have some closed meetings that only members attend. However, parents, grandparents and/or legal guardians are always invited to attend all closed meetings.

•    Families are welcomed and encouraged to participate in many activities and, if they choose, can become involved with Advisory Boards.

•    No actions will ever be required of members that would be against their personal beliefs or the beliefs of their church or home. Further, members are never asked to make pledges or participate in activities that would be contrary to their moral values or make them feel uncomfortable.

Do Rainbow Girls have a uniform?

Rainbow does have a dress code policy that applies to members and encouraged for adults, whether attending a local Assembly, Grand Assembly or Supreme Assembly, or when representing Rainbow elsewhere.

The dress code specifies formal dresses for special meetings and a short dress for other meetings. Rainbow Girls enjoy the chance to “dress up” and discover the difference it makes when presenting their best selves. 

What is the ritual?

The formal meetings and open ceremonies of Rainbow can be found in a book called theRitual. When a member holds an office in the Assembly, she learns her station's lecture from this book. By presenting a memorized lecture, Rainbow Girls inherently learn public speaking and leadership.

What does the Rainbow Symbol represent?

The seven colors of the Rainbow are represented by seven officer stations, strategically placed in the shape of a bow (the arc of a rainbow). Each station is represented by a color, and each color teaches a lesson. 

Why Is It Called Rainbow?

In the book of Genesis, after the flood, God made a covenant with people that He would never again destroy the earth, and placed a Rainbow in the heavens as a symbol of that covenant. The Rev. Sexson believed that this symbol of God's love was an appropriate symbol for the Order, so the Rainbow and its colors provided the inspiration for both the International Order of The Rainbow for Girls and for the lessons that are taught in the ceremonies of the Order. 

Are there opportunities for younger girls?
Yes! Pledge Groups are for girls aged 8 - 10 and are sponsored by a local Assembly. Pledge Group activities are based on the amount of interest in an area, so if your local Assembly doesn't currently have an active Pledge Group, please contact the Mother Advisor to get one started!  For more information about Pledge Groups in Florida, visit our Pledge Group page.

How is the organization structured?

All Rainbow jurisdictions are members of the Supreme Assembly, whose headquarters are located in McAlester, Oklahoma. Each State is a jurisdiction within itself under the leadership of a Supreme Officer. Each Rainbow Assembly is organized and governed by a uniform code of by-laws set forth by the Supreme Assembly. 

The leadership of Rainbow begins with the local Assembly and extends to the State and International Assemblies. Each local Assembly is made up of elected officers (Rainbow Girls who lead the Assembly under the direction of a Mother Advisor, Advisory Board, and Grand Deputy) and appointed officers. The adult governing body of each Rainbow Assembly is known as the Advisory Board and is comprised of seven to fifteen adults.

At the age of 20, Rainbow Girls receive their majority certificate. That means they are no longer active, voting members of their assembly, but now hold a lifetime membership in the Order.

What is Supreme Assembly?

Our International organization is known as “Supreme Assembly”, which is the ultimate governing body.  

Since November of 1951, world headquarters or Supreme Assembly for the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls has been located in McAlester, Oklahoma. This magnificent building was constructed for Rainbow Girls and funded by Rainbow Girls. It represents what can be accomplished when girls are empowered with knowledge, enlightened by travel, and energized by their own inner spirit.

Supreme Assembly also refers to the biennial convention that is held, gathering Rainbow Members from every jurisdiction into one location.

What is Grand Assembly?

Each state, region or country (called a jurisdiction) is organized into a Grand Assembly.  This Grand Assembly conducts all the required business, establishes its own guidelines for Assembly activities and establishes special projects or events.  

Each year, an annual themed Grand Assembly Session is held where assemblies in the state come together for formal meetings and fun.  All members of the Rainbow may attend these sessions.  Grand Assembly of Florida is held at the end of June at the Innisbrook Resort in Palm Harbor.